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Create your own mesmerizing Winterland!

***Free Nighttime Update !***
Create beautiful nighttime sceneries with the new update!
— Bonfire particle system
— Background sprites (mountains, fog)
— New Skybox
— New Demo Scene
— Nighttime light setup
— New Snowing effect

The Winterland pack is a collection of assets designed to populate huge winter themed scenes. Following the footsteps of Dreamscapes, we are offering a selection of trees, bushes and a handful of particle effects to make your scenes pop!

Following the footsteps of Dreamscapes, all the trees and bushes are compatible with Unity’s built-in tree generator.

Winterland comes with the demo scene, utilising all the included assets!

List of assets:
5 grass billboards
5 grass patches
7 bushes
10 particle effects
18 trees
20 detail objects
24 rocks

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