3D Lasers Pack


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Размер файлов: 31.8 MB
Количество файлов: 94
Версия: 2.01

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The asset includes:
— 10 unique lasers with the same style as AAA Stylized Projectiles
— 30 textures
— 2 multipurpose particle shaders
— Script for shooting
— Script to instantiate laser and effects on Raycast collision (you can change laser length, texture tiling and hit offset)

HDRP and URP(LWRP) supported.
PC/Consoles/Mobiles/Web/VR supported.

☄️ WebGL Demo (LWRP | High quality)
☄️ PC Demo (LWRP | Ultra quality)

You can easily resize effects using standard size values. It’s enough to change the size of the main component in the prefab and the width of LineRenderer component.
Effects on video and screenshots are made using the post-effect «Bloom» from free Post Processing Stack by Unity Technologies!

Contact me if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions.


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