Action RPG FX


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Размер файлов: 43.7 MB
Количество файлов: 195
Версия: 1.3


Action RPG FX is a pack of particle effects and animated effects intended for top-down ARPG’s. This pack features many effects inspired by popular games of the genre.

Webplayer | WebGL


— Total of 63 FX
— 5 Portals with 4096×4096 spritesheets
— Portals have Open/Close/Idle prefabs
— Gold item glow FX
— Gem item glow FX
— Various item glow FX
— Legendary item glow FX
— Treasure chest glow & open FX
— Magic channeling & explosion FX
— Level up FX
— Quest & Status icon FX
— Quest zone FX
— Doorway glow FX
— Textures from 64×64 to 4096×4096


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