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Adventure Creator lets you make traditional 2D, 2.5D and 3D adventure games — those that emphasise storytelling, exploration and puzzles — such as Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, The Longest Journey, and Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Created by the author of a commercial title, AC has all the features needed to bring a traditional adventure to market.


● Genre staples
Inventory, crafting, NPCs, dialogue, interactions, navigation, player-character switching, QTEs and game-saving are all included.

● Visual scripting
Avoid coding, and build game logic with AC’s powerful ActionList system. Custom Actions can be plugged in to extend functionality.

● Extensive documentation
A thorough manual, and hours of videos on making 2D, 2.5D and 3D games — as well as merging with Unity’s own adventure game.

● Movement options
Easily switch between point-and-click, direct, and first-person movement styles — or code your own.

● Interaction options
Design one-click, verb-bar and verb-coin interaction styles — or code your own.

● Timeline support
Create cutscenes using Unity’s Timeline feature, and AC’s camera and speech tracks.

● Localisation
All display text and spoken dialogue can be translated, and script sheets for voice actors can be generated.

● Build platforms
AC officially supports PC, Mac, WebGL, iOS and Android. Other platforms can be built to with scripting — see the FAQ

● Unique interface
The entire UI can be be customised, either through Unity UI or AC’s own menu-rendering system.

● Asset integrations
AC integrates with Dialogue System, PlayMaker, LipSync Pro, TextMesh Pro, and further integrations can be found on the Community Wiki.

● Custom scripting
AC’s source code is included, and its entire API is documented. Custom events allow you to easily hook in your own scripts.

Need more info? Join the forum or community Discord channel today!

NOTE: Some models in the 3D Demo game are provided under the CC-BY 3.0 license. For full details, see the included «model license.rtf» files.

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