Apocalyptic Wasteland


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Версия: 1.1

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Apocalyptic Wasteland Is modular 3D environment pack which you can use to construct postapocalyptic maps.

Average triangle count for buildings is 10000 tries for Highest LODs
Average triangle count for porps is around 1500 to 3000 Tries for highest LODs
Lods are all set in prefabs
For materials its used 4k textures in Tiff format
All models have PBR materials.
Post Processing Profile for stack 2.0 included in package

Package includes:

1) Suburban Buildings (More are coming in updates)
2) Street Props
3) Modular Slums
4) Ruined Roads
5) Rocks and Foliage
6) Every model includes LOD levels and placed to prefab. Once you put it on scene it works.
7) Demo scene


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