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Works with any mesh! Now supports Light Maps and Occlusion Baking!

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The Auto Texture Tiling Tool can be used for rapid prototyping or for level building with a texture behavior similar to tools like Hammer or UnrealEd. It provides a means to build architecture from primitive objects with fitting, tiled textures.

Attach the AutoTextureTiling.cs to any GameObject with a MeshRenderer. Warning: SkinnedMeshRenderer is not supported! It will automatically adjust the UV coordinates of the mesh to tile the texture over the whole object. You can re-size the object freely, which will automatically re-adjust the UV mapping.

Additionally you can adjust the scale, offset and rotation of each side of the object individually in the inspector. You can also mirror the textures horizontally and vertically.

Want different materials for each side of the object? You can also do that with a few simple clicks.

Warning: The script will override any UV mapping of the mesh done in 3D-modeling software.

New Features in Version 1.8:Pre-define faces in 3D Modeling Software and use them with a new script.

New Features in Version 1.79:Import of already assigned face Materials.

New Features in Version 1.77:Support for Light Maps and Occlusion Baking. Interface improvements.

New Features in Version 1.75:Face Dependent unwrapping. Adjust faces of any objects instead of just 6 sides.

New Features in Version 1.72:You can now manipulate the texture values with Gizmo Handles.

The Auto Texture Tiling Tool adds a new menu Item to GameObject—>3D Object named Auto Tiled Texture Block. Here you can create a Cube with the AutoTextureTiling component already attached.

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