Boss: Pixel Devil Man


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Версия: 1.1

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[ Complete Pixel Art Game Assets ]
[ Complete Cartoon Game Assets ]

Add animation and png sequence animation files

Add spine animation project files

The little monster used in this package:
[ Free Dark Knight]

Package contains:
Sample Scene:
— Sample character controller with a animated character.

Animated Character: Devil Man
Pixel size: around 400×400 pixels
— idle_1
— idle_2
— walk
— run
— skill_1
— skill_2
— skill_3
— hit_1
— hit_2
— death

Character has layered body parts.
Character using mecanim — animated directly in unity, allowing you to also tweak(or add) animations and images as you see fit

The background image is used to show the character, not layered and not repeatable, you can find many suitable backgrounds in my resources, thank you for your support, we will continue to add more animation.


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