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A collection of dramatic effects to add dynamic deaths to your character models.

Three effects are included: fire, ice and blood, each created with a complex combination of effects:


The characters explodes into flames, emitting sparks, fire and smoke, before dropping to ash on the ground.


The character is frozen in place, turning to frost and ice. After several seconds (the duration easily set to any chosen length), the character shatters into ice pieces which fall to the ground.


The character explodes in a bloody mess of blood and flesh which drops and pools on the ground below.

Custom scripts control all of the effects such as fading out the character, dynamically altering the materials or controlling real time lighting. Sound effects are also supplied.

Th effects have been designed to work with any skinned mesh character and detailed instructions are provided to help you implement this.

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  1. Dmitrii_t

    Спасибо, эти эффекты добавили моему проекту много нового

  2. Dmitrii_t

    эффекты клевые, но в моем случае потребовалось модифицировать код для работы

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