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Welcome to CTS, the Complete PBR Terrain Shader for Unity 3D!

A collaboration between NatureManufacture and Procedural Worlds, CTS combines our collective expertise to create a terrain shading system that is Powerful and Easy to Use!

CTS comes with a professional PBR texture library that can be applied with a click to instantly change the look and feel of your scenes and can be tweaked at run time to get your environment just right.

Important Note
This version of CTS works with Unity 5.6 — 2018.2, and 2018.3 without instancing or pipeline support. If you wish to target Unity 2018.3 or Unity 2019 with instancing and lw and hd pipeline support then please upgrade or purchase CTS 2019 instead.

Key Features:
— Up to 16 PBR texture sets in 1 pass — fast;
— Standard work flow — compatible & easy;
— UV Mixing — removes tiling;
— Geological Layering — adds interest;
— Detail Mixing — adds interest & reduces tiling;
— Dynamic Snow Cover — with a slider;
— Dynamic Snow Glitter — with a slider;
— Dynamic Water Cover — with a slider;
— Height Blending — relative texture blends;
— Lite, Basic, Advanced & Tessellation;
— Ambient Occlusion — realistic shadows;
— ColorMaps — enhanced terrain coloring;
— GrassMaps — tint colormap from grass;
— Cutouts — height and mask based;
— Mesh Support — see note (#1) below;
— Profile Based — similar to Unity Post FX;
— Texture Library — 48 quality sets, 20 helpers;
— Profile Library — matched profile sets;
— Substance Support — see note (#2) below;
— MegaScans texture support;
— MapMagic and runtime terrains;
— Weather — Simulate wetness & snow;
— Seasons — Tint your terrain by season;
— Sample scenes included (excl models);
— VR Compatible;

Per Texture Control:
— Albedo, Normal, Smoothness, Roughness, Height, AO;
— Near and far tiling — reduces tiling;
— Tinting — matching & seasonal variation;
— Brightness — texture matching;
— Smoothness — reflection & wetness;
— Height blending — relative texture heights;
— Height depth — relative texture depth;
— Triplanar — no more terrible cliffs;
— Detail strength — use it as needed;
— Geo strength — use it as needed;
— Snow amount — control snow cover;
— Snow / Water — angle, height, hardness;
— Snow / Water tint — vary color by usage;
— ColorMap strength — near and far;
— ColorMap masking — controlled maps;

Our Customers Say:
«Wow.. amazing results. My co-workers couldn’t believe I did this!»
«Best shader terrain, best support reply in 5h.»
«This is the best solution and I have tried THEM ALL on unity asset store and only CTS gave me the results I wanted.»
«Add CTS to your terrain, create a profile, add some extra texture maps (height, spec, ao etc) and see your terrain pop.»
«This should be considered part of your default stack when working with terrain in Unity. With very little effort you can improve the graphics performance of your terrain tenfold, it is essential.»

Hardware Support:
— Shader model 3.5+ (basic + advanced);
— Shader model 4.6+ (tesselation);
— Direct X 11 / 12;
— Open GL ES 3.0;
— WebGL 2.0;
— Metal;

Shaders are limited by texture array support and consequently do not support DX9, OpenGLES 2.0 or Web GL1.0.

NOTE #1: CTS 1.9.x does NOT support terrain instancing and the LW or HD SRP pipelines. For instancing, LW and HD SRP support please see CTS 2019.

NOTE #2: Meshes are supported, but the workflow to generate and configure the texture and splat arrays used by CTS is still a terrain based workflow. You can however remove the terrain and replace it with a mesh as last step in process. Please visit our Discord channel if you want more clarification.

NOTE #3: CTS is fast, however old cards without dynamic branching support have had issues with this, so please download and run our demo’s before purchasing to ensure your system is compatible.

Some Of Our Product Suite:
As environmental specialists NatureManufacture and Procedural Worlds have much more to offer. Here is a small sample of our tools and content:

Gaia — A world generation system for creating, texturing, planting and populating scenes from low poly mobile, VR and through to high end desktop.

GeNa 2 — A sophisticated localised level design tool that augments Gaia’s broad brush strokes, by working intuitively to give fine grained control.

Path Painter — A powerful and intuitive path painting tool that makes it easy to paint paths, roads, ramps and river beds.

Pegasus — A system that can drive anything along a path. Great for cut-scenes, and even has an ambient ai that supports formations, animation and local avoidance for your npc’s and animals!

R.A.M. — A spline based river creation tool to decorate your terrains.

Mountain Trees — A collection of stunning trees to add interest to your scenes.

Advanced Foliage Pack — A collection of gorgeous foliage and ground textures to bring your scenes to life.

Want To Know More ?
Unity Forum
CTS Tutorials
Have A Chat
Ticketed Support

CTS is a collaboration between:
— NatureManufacture — Facebook &
— Procedural Worlds — Facebook

We would like to thank Amplify Creations, our artists, our beta teams and the community for their ongoing input and support!


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