Definitive Stylized Water

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The Definitive Stylized Water Shader, inspired by games like Rime, Breath of the Wild, the Witness, or Monument Valley.

NEW — Support for Unity 2017 & 2018
NEW — Opacity & Refraction parameters added.
NEW — Use your own foam textures.

✭Procedural foam & depth colors.
✭Mobile version included.
✭Configurable vertex offset waves.
✭Lighthouse demo scene included.
✭Unique style.
✭Configurable real-time reflections.
✭Lightning effects such as specular reflections and projected shadows! All customizable.
✭Clear and fast custom material editor.
✭Endless configuration options.
✭Editable Shader Forge nodes.
✭VFX effects, Particles and trails matching the water style!
✭Documentation & mail support.
✭Periodic Updates & added features.

This shader does not work on ortographic cameras for now. Working on it.

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