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Dreamscapes is a massive collection of assets for creating vast exterior scenes. From small areas to huge exterior environments, you will find everything you need in this package.

The package contains a handful of models and textures that can be used with Unity’s terrain system, and the built in tree generator. You can create your own trees and bushes with the provided base textures and materials, the possibilities are limitless.

Three demo scenes are also included, to help with setting up lighting and colors for your own scenes. Each scene is created to showcase the versatility of the provided assets, but the possibilities don’t stop there. You can easily create your own dreamy looking locations.

Download the demos here!

List of assets:
— 2 mountain sprites
— 3 skyboxes
— 7 crystals — lowpoly
— 7 bushes – easily editable!
— 10 grass textures – easily adjustable, you can color them in the editor!
— 15 trees – easily editable!
— 13 ground textures – with normals, and some grass and mud variations
— 22 rocks – lowpoly models, including normal maps and 3 color variations for each!

Update V1.2
We have provided colliders for trees and props, and optimised the textures for better performance. Unity 5.3 is also supported now with slight differences due to changes in Unity.

Update V2.0
The update contains an entirely new demo scene with a handful of new assets:
— 1 sprite (fairy)
— 4 light objects
— 4 pillars
— 3 bushes
— 6 trees

Update v2.1
— Unity 5.5 and 5.6 support!
— 6 new trees
— 2 new bushes

Update v2.1.1
— 5 new trees

Update v2.1.2
— 14 new rocks
— 10 new trees
— 3 new bushes


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