Easy Save — The Complete Save & Load Asset


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How do I use Easy Save?
See the Getting Started guide

Why use Easy Save?
For Amateurs…
It’s easy to use and well documented
For Experts…
It’s fast, feature-rich and extremely flexible

• Compatible with
PC, Mac, Linux, Windows Universal,
iOS, tvOS, Android, Steam, WebGL

• Fast and Lightweight Serializer
Faster than PlayerPrefs
• Fully Documented
Examples & Tutorials
API Reference
• PlayMaker Support
Save and Load using Actions*
• 5-star Customer Support
via Email and Dedicated Forum
• Secure Save Data with Encryption
Encrypt Save Data
• Compact files with compression
Makes files 85% smaller on average
• Save & Load from Web
Upload & Download to cloud using PHP & MySQL
• Cross-Platform Save Data
Use Save Files & Code on All Supported Platforms
• Save Almost Any Type
Even saves references to Unity Objects
• Save as Spreadsheet
In CSV format for Excel
• File IO
Even save strings/bytes as files

How do I use Easy Save?
See the Getting Started guide

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