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Road infrastructures and Parametric Modeling inside Unity

Create unique road networks directly in Unity with both built-in customizable dynamic crossing prefabs and custom crossing prefabs based on your own imported models.

Bring your scenes alive with additional side objects: bridges, guard rails, fences, walls, power lines, tree lines or any other type of geometry following a path.

The EasyRoads3D v3 toolset can also be used to create other infrastructures such as railroads and rivers with the riverbed carved in the terrain.


— Winding roads or dirt paths in scenic environments and complex city road networks.
— Built-in customizable crossings
— Custom crossings — import your own crossing models
— Side Objects: bridges, guard rails, fences, walls, power lines, etc.
— Custom shapes for other infrastructures like railroads and rivers
— Terrains conformed to the road shape, grass / tree removal, optional road shape baking in the terrain splatmap
— Road data import for real world visualization (OSM/KML)
— Scripting API: road creation through code both in the Unity editor and at runtime

Visit our website for the full feature list.

The demo project with tutorials and additional assets can be downloaded here and will be FREE with an EasyRoads3D Pro license.

Forum: EasyRoads3D v3
Website: http://www.easyroads3d.com

Works on Unity 5.6, Unity 2017, Unity 2018 and Unity 2019

Integrates well with various terrain systems using the Unity terrain Object, like: Gaia, Terrain Composer, Landscape Builder, Real World terrain

Built-in support for Vegetation Studio and Vegetation Studio Pro supporting automatic grass, plants and trees removal near roads

The package import includes the additional v3.2 beta package with auto generated side objects and tunnel support for Unity 2019.3, more info


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