Equilibrium VR (Winter)


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Размер файлов: 179.6 MB
Количество файлов: 188
Версия: 1.3

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Attention! This Asset is used only when creating a new project. Other game levels are not included
This is a fantastic winter scene with elements of simulation birds.
This Asset contains the gaming scene with 3 game modes:
1) Exploring the world
2) Search for items
3) Race for the first place
You can quickly and easily set up the Asset to create a more beautiful game.
Also this Asset is already optimized for popular virtual reality platforms, you only need to make some simple settings in the scene. Affordable and intuitive code. Excellent solution for creating arcade game to virtual reality.
This Asset will be constantly updated in order to achieve a full and complete project. If you buying this Asset for now, you can get the next month updates absolutely free.

In version 1.3:
1. Some little changes
2. Choose any game mode to play from main menu
3. Eagle acceleration by tapping


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