Fantasy Music Pack 1


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Размер файлов: 339.2 MB
Количество файлов: 42
Версия: 2.2



First in the series, Fantasy Music Pack 1 includes:
* Seamless looping music tracks suited for combat, exploring or just venturing into your local medieval tavern.
* Fading music tracks perfect for game trailers and youtube videos.
* Action loops ideal for tense moments and combat.
* Magical whoosh sound effects suitable for fantasy spell casting.

Seamless looping music tracks included:
1. March to the North
2. For Honor
3. The Traveler
4. Deep Within the Mountain
5. The Sleeping Dwarf

Fading music tracks included:
1. A Childhood Fantasy
2. Another World
3. Another World Ver.2
4. Battle in the Distance
5. Enchanted Forest of Avalon
6. Storm

BONUS—10 High Quality Cinematic Action Loops
BONUS—21 Magical Whoosh Sound Effects Including:
2 Fire
1 Ice
3 Metal
10 Power
3 Water
2 Wind


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