Female Movement Animset Pro


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Версия: 1.1

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This is a set of over 170 motion capture animations and a 2 super-realistic, «drag and drop» character controllers for female characters.

The controllers require PlayMaker.

If you don’t use PlayMaker, you can still use all 174 FBX format, motion captured animations to build your own controller!

You can build a seamless third person perspective character movement for your game. The animations are universal, so you can use them for any setting you like — SciFi, Fantasy etc.

Animation list
FAQ — please read before buying

This package has over 170 animations from which you can make game mechanics for:

— Standing
— Walking (including strafing)
— Running (including strafing)
— Climbing up and down stairs
— Crouching / Sneaking (including strafing)
— Getting up from ground
— Jumping
— Falling
— Interactions (button pushing, picking up objects, levers etc.)
— Sitting
— Throwing
— Sliding
— Climbing obstacles

It also contains:
— Female Dummy character
— Various door prefabs with different opening gameplay mechanics
— Working elevator prefab
— Working teleporter prefab
— TPP game template
— Top-down point & click game template

All animations use Unity’s Humanoid rig and Root Motion (which can be turned off).

Make sure you install to fresh Unity Project, with fresh PlayMaker installed and check the HowToInstall.txt inside the package!


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