Garage and Showroom Pack


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With minimum draw calls, top quality graphics, PBR ready materials and optimised mesh, you can bring life to your games using any of the included garage/showroom.

7 Scenes are already included — just drop your vehicle(s) and have a top quality unique garage for your car game.


— 7 High Quality Baked Garages/Showrooms
— PBR Ready Materials
— Ready made scenes included
— Minimal Set Pass Calls
— Optimized for Mobile Devices
— Over 50 Different Props
— 2 Sci Fi Studios, 3 Traditional Garages and 2 Showrooms included
— Lighting Setup already done
— Screen Space Reflections
— Create your own garage in minutes
— Easy to customise and reuse
— Documentation Included
— Does not require any additional plugin to work

Props Included are :Tire Inflator, Fire Extinguisher, Tools (Wrench, etc.), Bench Wise, Air compressor, Jack Stands, Lift, Computer Screen, Benches, Storage, Cabinets, Neon Lights, Neon Logos, Gates, Different Platforms, Damaged and under repair car etc.

With this pack and the variety it offers, you will not need another garage for your game.

Note: Car models used are not included in this pack. Standard Post Processing profiles used are not included as part of the package


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