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Размер файлов: 721.6 MB
Количество файлов: 419
Версия: 2.0
Обновление: 2.08.2017

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This industrial paсk contains the Asset from which you can build your own levels, such a hangar, storage containers, open industrial location and many other locations
— All objects of this pack are made with high-AAA quality
-PBR materials equipped with textures for diffuses, normals, specs
This update v 2.0 includes
-Lods for geometry (handmade)
-Colliders mesh (handmade and optimized)
-Set of fences
-Floor set
-Modular hangar (You can make a suitable length)
-Industrial building Warehouse
— Containers 3 colors (red, green, white)
-Railroad car 3 colors (yellow, red, green)
-Concrete blocks cover set
-Lamps interior lighting
-Lighting Poles
-Wooden pallets
-Debris set
-Paper boxes
-Tanks for gas
-Vertical tank
-Transformer with Stand -Metal constructions
-Anti tank obstacle
Trees are not included in the collection



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