Highlighting System


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Highlighting System package allows you to easily integrate outline glow effect for objects highlighting in your Unity project.

Main features:
• Works as an Image Effect on Camera
• Compatible with Forward and Deferred rendering paths, HDR, Gamma and Linear Color Space, GPU Instancing
• Original renderer materials remains intact (sharedMaterials will remain shared)
• VR: Compatible with Single Pass (Fast) Stereo Rendering Method
• Fully compatible with LODGroup component
• Works with static and skinned meshes

Three highlighting modes available:
1. Hover
Useful for highlighting objects under the mouse cursor.

2. Tween
Useful to pay attention to a specific object (e.g. tutorial item).

3. Constant (with optional fade in/out)
Can be used to constantly highlight objects (e.g. pickable items or currently selected objects).

Tested on:
• PC
• Mac
• XBox One
• HTC Vive
• Android
• iOS


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