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A Big Pack of Hologram/Glitch FXs for your Sci-fi Games (Envirenment ,Gameplay, UI …etc)

I will always add more features and Updates to this Package(more examples..more controles).


— Shader parameters exposed with a custom GUI.

— 1 Geometry Models example to showcase the differents Materials (a Free Model by cvbtruong , source : https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/free-young-boy-head-3d-model/671307).

— 10 Included high quality Fx Materials using the Lite version of the Shader.

— 7 Included high quality Fx Materials using the Advanced version of the Shader (More controls than the Lite Version).

— Really Awesome and Clean Holograms / Glitch looks.

— Good Performance.

— Endless Possibilities.

— Periodic Updates & added features.

Textures and materials for each example are included.
Feel free to modify the parameters on each example to have a new nice look or behavior.

Tips :
Play with the G/H Noise Details Parametere to have more or less noisy Holo/Glitch :).

In the Advanced version of the Shader , playing with the Cut Level Parametere will give some interesting deintegration effect.

In the Advanced version of the Shader , Play with Origine X/Y Parametere to define the direction of the waves.

Notice :
obviously when you apply the Material to you Geometry , the result will depend on your Geometry’s poly number and UVs (you can check the UVs on the Example Geometry included).

Don’t hesitate to rate or comment if you like it!


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