Landscape Ground Pack 2


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Размер файлов: 1.2 GB
Количество файлов: 208
Версия: 1.0


Pack contains 163, seamless high quality PBR ground /floor textures (albedo, normal, displacment, occlusion, specular at albedo alpha channel and also as separated texture). This perfect tilled textures are usefull for every ground shader. High resolution 2048×2048 made from 10k x 10k material guarantee good quality, textures also look perfect at lower resolutions too. Terrains from screens are included! Textures work perfectly with CTS terrain shader.

Pack contains:
— 4 scenes with 4 high quality terrains.
— 27 albedo maps 2048×2048
— 27 specular maps (albedo alpha channel) 2048×2048
— 27 specular maps 2048×2048
— 27 normal maps 2048×2048
— 27 occlusions maps 2048×2048
— 27 displacment maps 2048×2048
— 27 height/normal Tom’s shader maps 2048×2048 — unity 2017 support

In pack our you will find textures such as:
— grass
— moss
— leaves
— mud/dirt
— rocks
— stones
— litter
— ivy
— road and paths
— snow

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