Little Dragons: Tiger

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Here are some cute baby dragons……They think they are tigers. 😛

-⚠ Important Recommendation:⚠ If you have the asset already on your Project: Remove all the files on the Malbers Animations Folder and re-import the assets back again to avoid Errors with older script that are no longer used.
They come with +115 AAA Animations.

Includes character controller, and a animator component but you can always create your own or modify the existing one.

This controller includes these Logic’s:






-Attack (Melee & Fire)


-Scalable Bones

-LookAt Aim Mode

Basic AI

4 different Styles(Toon,Simple,PolyArt, Realistic)

5 different Textures

3 Different Eyes Styles x 8 Different colors

Just see the video and you will love it!!

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