Lounge & Kitchen Pack


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Количество файлов: 261
Версия: 6.0

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“Lounge & Kitchen Pack” features:

•part of the “Hazelwoodloft” series.
•a photo-real & modern living room.
•a photo-real & modern kitchen.
•a set of living room & kitchen items.
•highly optimized lowpoly & realistic assets.
•ready for Oculus, GearVR, Vive, Daydream.
•ready for low & high-end mobile devices.
•two different settings, day & night time.
•inspired by modern architecture & design.
•remarkable attention to lighting & detail.

“Lounge & Kitchen Pack” content:

•128 different assets.

•the whole pack is below 27 000 triangles.

•26 different textures & cubemaps.

•realistic animated curtains simulating a
wind breeze blowing through the loft.

•2 different sets of day & night lightmaps.

•a 360 degrees environment dome with
a perfectly matching day & night versions.

•realistic light flares for light spots at night.

•2 seamless “3D ambient sounds” one for
a day & one for a night atmosphere.

•a scene with all the assets lined up for
a fast selection.

•realistic lighting was baked externally in
“Mental Ray” which is used in film.

•highly optimized assets running smoothly
at 30 FPS even on low-end mobile devices.

•all assets have their second UV channel
efficiently & manually unwrapped.

•lighting has to be redone in Unity if the
scene needs to be drastically altered.

•a “First Person Controller” prefab which
lets you freely navigate the space.

•each section of the loft can be purchased
alone & combined with other adjacent ones.


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