Low Poly FPS Pack


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This pack contains everything you need to get your low poly FPS project started!

Comes included with 18 unique animated arm models, gun models, grenades, explosion VFX, customizable scopes, and more!

Easy to use example prefabs, set-up with scripts and a basic fps controller, just drag them into your scene and hit play!

Check out the trailer to see all the weapons in action!


• 18 Unique animated arms with weapons

• Gun models

• Bullet & casing models

• Melee weapon models

• Scopes & attachment models

• Customizable scopes

• Demo scenes

• Integrated knife & grenade throwing animations

• Inspect weapon animations

• Environment props & destructible objects

• Example scripts in C#

Textures & UI

• Scope textures

• UI icons for all weapons & attachments


• Explosion particle VFX

• Bullet impact VFX

• Muzzleflash VFX

• Physical bullet effect

Animations included

• Aiming

• Shooting

• Grenade throwing

• Knife melee attacks

• Holster weapon

• Take out weapon

• Idle

• Walking

• Running

• Reload ammo left

• Reload out of ammo

• Inspect weapon

• And more!

All weapon models share a single 256×256 texture.

The gun models are between 1500 and 8500 tris.

Note: This asset is NOT a full game template, it is first and foremost an art package and my main focus is to make great animations and 3D models, the included scripts should be seen as examples of how the asset can be used.

(Remember to read the included «How To Use» pdf to get started.)

Feel free to leave feedback in the forum thread!

Check out the free sample here!


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