Low Poly Style Mountains Environment


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Размер файлов: 9.5 MB
Количество файлов: 237
Версия: 1.0

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A low poly style mountains environment pack suited to be used in your game with this art style. Contains tons of high-quality low poly assets ready to use for your low poly style game! All mobile friendly! The package consists of 231 assets and one sample scene for showcasing the individual assets.


231 Game Ready Assets and tons of prefabs! — Rocks, Cliffs, smaller stones, Mountains, Terrains, Trees and Vegetation.


All assets are created in a low poly art style, which essentially doesn’t require any textures. The material setups are simple and you are able to customize them easily!
Tris range from 50 all the way up to 2000 for the detailed assets.

Shader and effects from screenshots not included!


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