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Размер файлов: 39.9 MB
Количество файлов: 68
Версия: 1.0

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Keys are important to folks on an adventure. Doors, chests, panels — they’re all locked! This pack includes a good selection of keys from every day keys to special fancy keys.

Every key is also rendered out as a sprite so you can include it in your HUD or Inventory system.

What Is A Mini Pack?

A small, affordable collection of professionally crafted assets that you can add to your Unity project. These packs are meant to save your artists from having to build every little detail in a scene. Use their time for something more valuable- like iconic vistas or hero props.

Even if these are not exactly what you need, maybe they’re far enough along that your artists can tweak them a little to get what you need.

Technical Specs

Each pack uses a limited number of materials, so combining meshes for rendering efficiency is super simple. Every appropriate asset also has custom crafted lightmaps and collision geometry.

MESH_Key_01 : 1,208 T / 961 V
MESH_Key_02 : 1,972 T / 1,928 V
MESH_Key_03 : 1,166 T / 930 V
MESH_Key_04 : 2,162 T / 1,985 V
MESH_Key_05 : 1,048 T / 910 V
MESH_Key_06 : 862 T / 788 V
MESH_Key_07 : 700 T / 606 V
MESH_Key_08 : 496 T / 516 V
MESH_Key_09 : 2,380 T / 1,824 V
MESH_Key_10 : 2,568 T / 1,644 V


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