PBR Monster Pack #1


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Версия: 8.1

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PBR Monster Pack #1 contains four character packages.

Mushroom Monster PBR (Customization | Mesh Morphing | Sound Effects | Concept Art | Custom Re-Mixable Music)
Giant Worm PBR (Customization | Mesh Morphing | Sound Effects | Concept Art | Custom Re-Mixable Music)
Rock Monster PBR Pack (Customization | Mesh Morphing | Sound Effects | Concept Art | Custom Re-Mixable Music)
Plant Monster Pack PBR (Customization | Mesh Morphing | Sound Effects | Concept Art | Custom Re-Mixable Music)

Each creature set comes with unlimited texture changes in-editor, real PBR, particles for magic spells, and full animations. Mobile Friendly & Cinematic Ready. Two of the four already have full audio included, and the others will be updated as soon as the audio is complete. We will also be adding Blend Shapes to all characters for massive mesh customization. Works with ALL versions of Unity!

Use sliders to adjust the look & feel of the monsters. Easily change colors, add special effects like dirt, mud, blood, ice, snow, moss & more. It’s fast and allows you to create any number of looks that perfectly suit your game. Main texture maps are 2048×2048.

Use the «Texture Creation» scene to quickly modify the look of the models, and then use the «Mass Export» tool to export all the Procedural Materials into game-ready Standard Shader materials with a single click.

Exposed Blend Shapes allow for massive mesh morphing and customization. You can save settings in prefabs or script the shapes for in-game customization or randomization of your characters. Now you can spawn completely random enemies that all look different from each other.

Music has been composed specifically for the characters we produce. The tracks are separated into layers and set up for use with the Unity Audio Mixer. Use this to mix your own tracks, and create the perfect sound for your game levels, and export all your mixes with a single click into game-ready .wav files!

A «Composers Mix» is also included if you do not want to mix your own track, and you can easily export the included mixes as well.

Many of the animations now feature matching sound effects, along with a simple audio controller script that makes playing them and controlling things like volume, volume by speed etc easy. Nothing brings characters to life like high quality matching audio.

Extra High Resolution images are provided in layered photoshop format for customization. Use these on your Steam page, your manual, your website & other advertising material to bring your game to life before you have gameplay to show.

Custom particles (magic spells etc) are included whenever appropriate. The package also includes our entire «Magic Spells & Particles Pack», so you can create your own magic spells.

Our models use real PBR values, not half-baked or made up PBR. We start out with real world materials and you can adjust from there. Maps included: Diffuse | Normal | Roughness | Metallic | Height | Ambient Occlusion

Don’t be fooled by the «requires Unity 5» message! The textures our system exports work with legacy shaders the same way any other character you already have does. You’ll need Unity 5 to set up the textures, but once exported, you can bring them in to ANY Unity version and they’ll work.

Check out more info & all of our models at InfinityPBR.com

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• Attack 1
• Attack 2
• Attack 3
• Attack 4
• Block
• Death
• Get Smashed
• Got Hit
• Idle
• Idle Break
• Static 1, 2 & 3
• Walk


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