Sci-Fi Laboratory Pack 2


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This art package is intended for easy and
fast construction of various sci-fi laboratory

183 Prefabs.
Walls, floors, ceilings, lights, doors,
bulkheads, boxes, ampules, cupboards,
lockers, desks and tables, computers,
canisters, surgical instruments etc.
Most textures are 2048×2048: Base color,
normal, smoothness, metallness,
emission, ambient occlusion, detail normal

All materials and shaders are setup for Unity 5.

Demo and Tech Support

— Upside-down display on bulkhead fixed.
— Props prefabs folders rearranged to more
meaningful structure.
— Project updated to Unity 5.3.5f1 version.

— Some materials refactored
— Some textures refactored
— Project size reduced
— Demo scene refactored

— Minor z-fighting problem fixed
— New door asset added

— New architectural assets added:
— 46 Meshes
— 6 Materials
SCI FI Mini Panels Pack


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