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* Synty Studios Presents —
A simple asset pack of vehicles, buildings and props to create an urban city based game.
Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.
(Includes demo scene)

— Strip club, Coffee shop, Barber shop, Gym, Auto repair, Cinema, Mega Mall (includes car-park and mall sign), Misc stores, Misc shops, Small Houses,Medium Houses,Big Houses, Garage attachments, Old houses, Apartments, Shops, Corner shops, Office buildings and Houses.
(Each building type comes with 3 color variants)

— Trees, Beach flat, Beach corner, water way, Road lane dividers, Bridge, Roundabout, Motorway ramp, Motorway straight, Motorway Corner, Motorway signs Tire pile, Beach seats, Umbrella, Garden, Pointy fence, Driveway, Foot bridge, Jetty, Sewer pipes, Rocks, Buoys

— Ambulance, Police car, Taxi, Ute, Family car, Van, Bus, Fire truck, Boats and Rubbish truck.
Each vehicle comes with 3 color variants (excluding Taxi, Police car, Fire truck, Rubbish truck and Ambulance)
(Separated wheels for turning)

-Dumpster, Rubbish bin, Fire hydrant, Billboard, Satellite, Traffic light, Street light, Drain pipe, Road corner, Road straight, Road flat, Trees, Bushes, Road Divider, Crossing Fence, Grass, Gravestones, Memorial Statue, Park Paths, Flowers and Aerial/Flag Pole.


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