SUIMONO Water System


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SUIMONO 2.1 — Interactive Water System brings advanced and deeply customizable ocean and water effects to Unity.
Note: not mobile compatible
Note: not recommended for VR

Realistic Water Rendering — Uses advanced rendering techniques such as refraction, caustics, depth analysis (and more) to achieve visually dynamic water and ocean rendering… both above water and below!

Advanced FX — 3D waves with tesellation(dx11), foam rendering, dynamic reflections, refraction and screen transitions.

Scene Interaction — Set up any game object for interactive effects like splashes, refractive ripples, sounds, and advanced buoyancy effects.

Underwater FX — Automatic underwater rendering including depth fogging, advanced caustics, blur, and screen refraction.

Customization — You have control over all aspects of water visuals and behavior. Use the included presets or create your own!

— Tested in Unity 5.x / 2017.x / 2018.x
— Simple to setup and customize
— Easy-to-use custom interface
— Codebase completely in C#
— For PC, Linux, and Mac

Upcoming Features
— Underwater light ray FX
— Improved River Support

Suimono is compatible with a wide range of other Asset Store packages including:
— Tenkoku Dynamic Sky
— Realistic Water Physics 3
— Gaia


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