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Trails FX renders smooth trails behind moving objects and characters.

It uses GPU instancing and use correct transparency order, creating mesmerizing, long and performant trails.

Trails FX comes with many options which allows you to create a great variety of effects from simple color trail to rainbow texture stamps and space distortion effects.

✓ Works with 3D and skinned mesh renderers.
✓ Compatible with standard/builtin and LWRP/URP pipelines.
✓ Easy to use. Add a script to your moving objects and customize the behaviour and appearance of the trail.
✓ Create profiles to save and reuse settings.
✓ Effect can be rendered in Edit and Play modes, as well as in Scene View.
✓ Demo scene included.
✓ 100% source code included.

Requires GPU instancing capability (see this page for compatible platforms).


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