Wireframe Shader DirectX 11


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Regular wireframe shaders are not very appealing to the eye. Meet Wireframe Shader DirectX 11! This package provides easy to use wireframe shaders with high flexibility.

PBR — Physically based wireframe rendering enables you to adjust emissive, metallic and smoothness properties independently of the surface.

Glow — Add a bleeding/glowing/shadow effect radiating from the wires.

Barycentric Texturing — Design your custom wire with a [width]-by-1 texture where the alpha channel is used to blend with the surface.

More Features:
• Quad mesh models
• Anti-aliasing
• Fade in/out the wireframe
• Mask parts of the wireframe
• Invert the wireframe
• Wire corner smoothing
• All standard rendering modes
• Additive & multiplicative rendering modes

This package includes:
• Wireframe shaders:
— Standard
— Bumped Diffuse
— Unlit
— Projector
• Demo scene
• Source code
• Documentation

☑ Shader Model 4+
☑ Projectors
☑ Quad Meshes
☑ DX11+, Vulkan, PS4/XB1
☑ OpenGL 3.2+, OpenGL ES 3.1+AEP

Does not support DX9, WinPhone, OpenGL ES 2.0-3.1 and Metal


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